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Let’s face it, doing something you’re passionate about, is a full-time commitment Hardt App & This Site are going to act as a go-between, to make it easier and quicker, to find like-minded creatives. Most creatives are very selective about who and how they spend their time. To satisfy that requirement, The Hardt regulates the entire ecosystem by way of the referral, submission and invitation process, enabling the use of a more comfortable, safe  and intimate environment for self-exploration


Imagine a Community of Creatives, In which You Can Debut Your Projects, To Your Colleagues, Who Have All Been Screened To Ensure They Have Not Only The Same Visual Talent As You, But May Also Work In The Same Creative Sector As You. Being Able To Debut Your Work To Your Community, Is An Invaluable Asset


Whether you’re an architect, museum curator, an artist, magazine editor or even a creative in robotics and 3D animation, the possibilities are endlessly fruitful. Not only for constructive criticism but also as a gateway for collaboration with other highly skilled professionals. All because you have a profile on The Hardt and/or Hardt App and displayed your latest and greatest projects to an influential audience, an audience who share a mutual respect

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Get at me with any questions, or even to just say whats up. Talk soon

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