Located in Singapore, 55 Blair Road (2009) by Ong & Ong

Located in Singapore, 55 Blair Road (2009) by Ong & Ong | The Hardt


Located in Singapore, 55 Blair Road (2009) by Ong & Ong. This project is a renovation and restoration to a traditional art deco style shop house. Originally the house was renovated 10 years ago. The new owner, however, believed it was too dark and desired more light in the living spaces. Bringing light into this long plot was an important consideration. A large air well divides the two sections of the house allowing for maximum light to penetrate the living spaces. Aluminum wall cladding wraps around the void. The aluminum bands reflect light into the living spaces. The void acts not only as a large light well but also encourages natural ventilation within the house. The intricate linear bands are a modern contrast that reflects the traditional ornate façade. This metallic architectural language used throughout the scheme emphasizes unity within the spaces. The subtle tones and metallic elements complement each other to create a common theme throughout the house.



Continuity of space was a key concept to promote the relationship of outside/inside space. The First floor employs flexible glazed walls that lead directly to the pool. The main section of the house is separated by the outdoor pool and frangipani garden. When both sides of the glazed partitions are open the first floor becomes one large space. The scheme proves to be an approach that promotes the diversity of space. The ground floor is not only a lounge and dining area it is an ideal place to relax and sit poolside. The intention to create a diverse space on the first floor adds huge value and appeal to a property this size.



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Located in Singapore, 55 Blair Road (2009) by Ong & Ong Singapore ONG&ONG Pte Ltd. Ong and Ong 2009

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