A house in Ayukawa (2012) by Méga

A house in Ayukawa (2012) by Méga located in Osaka, Japan | The Hardt


A house in Ayukawa (2012) by Méga located in Osaka, Japan. This is a house of a court and a skip floor. Though it is a two-family house, all spaces around the court will make a spatial continuity when it becomes ‘a house’ in the future. It is surrounded by sites, which shape like same squares. If the court designed toward the south, it will be in the shadow of those houses in the south and someone also can overlook it. So, by adopting a courtyard type and a comfortable rooftop terrace, we could gain out-door space by protecting privacy and appropriate well-lightning rooms. The exterior walls are painted silver and the inner ones are white. The residents also enjoy the conversion of these walls. The first floor (of the lower part) is for parents, and the upper part is a bedroom for a couple and children. The second floor is a family room.



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A house in Ayukawa (2012) by Méga stairs Osaka Méga lighting Kei Sugino japan

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