Acolá Store (2016) by Vão

Acolá Store (2016) by Vão located in Rua Padre Carvalho, Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil | The Hardt


Acolá Store (2016) by Vão located in Rua Padre Carvalho, Pinheiros, São Paulo, Brazil. The desire to bring light into the store guided the first project decisions of replacing a part of the roof whose structure was compromised, by a glass ceiling and visually integrating the levels by partially demolishing the upper slab. In addition, to illuminate the entire store, the coverage provides for the exchange of natural ventilation which, added to the internal garden, brings great thermal comfort to the space. The invitation to design the new Acolá Store was received with great happiness because, due to the years of friendship between us and its creators, we have closely followed the trajectory of the brand since its beginning in 2012. In the first visit to the new address, a former loft of triangular plan located a few meters from the old store, we faced a tapered, wet and dark place, since there were only four small openings to light and ventilate the entire space



The break given by the double height ceiling garden arranged the program in two moments: in the first one, closest to the street, are located the store [ground] and the office [mezzanine]; In the second, at the bottom, a hydraulic core containing all wet areas, sanitary [ground] and pantry [upper level]. It is also in the garden that the flows between the levels are organized through the ladder and footbridge that crosses the void. Amid the store’s free plan, a volume was strategically positioned to create different environments such as the reception area, clothes rack and lounge. The fact that it is loose, without touching the ceiling or walls, allow the circulation between these environments to be fluid and uninterrupted. In this volume are grouped an auxiliary stock, an exhibitor and two changing rooms with pivotal doors which divide, integrate or expand the area according to the need of the moment. In the mezzanine above, where all the walls have been demolished, the spatial organization is also given through another volume, the large stock that divides the open areas [workbench and board meetings] of the closed areas [private room and warehouse].


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Acolá Store (2016) by Vão Vão Sao Paulo Pedro Kok brazil

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