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Armadale Residence by BE Architecture located in Melbourne, Australia. The general feeling of the three-story residence in Melbourne, Australia, is the lightness, almost an ethereal and floating quality created by the sun refracted on the granite facade. This is a contradiction with the reality of the 260 tons of granite that make up the skin of the building. The use of materiality and details also provides a similar contradiction in form. The natural texture and irregularity of the two-sided material blur the hard lines of the stacked rectilinear building. Although the building is strong, it rests silently on its surroundings.



The use of three types of granite unifies the external and internal spaces. While all materials are substantial, when used together, there is uniformity throughout the house. For this to work, the architectural detail was integrated with the fine craftsmanship of the builders and masons. Working together, we were able to create a subtle variation in the materials and intricate details where the slight change in the finish makes the same material fit different functions or applications. In some places, this required thinking of atypical applications for stone, working with suppliers to drive custom fabrications to add to the general unification, especially in the master bathroom where a custom tub and sink were designed from solid blocks of stone.




While there is room in the structure, the internal spaces are light and open, particularly in the living room where the fully retractable glass doors open onto the adjacent patio. The program for the house responded to customers, who were reducing their size from a large family home to one that was more concentrated. While it still accommodates the rooms for adult children who visit, the house focuses primarily on its use by the couple. The rooms are specially designed to meet your needs, including a shared study and an extra-large master bathroom that includes a private outdoor shower in an isolated Japanese garden. This is a particularly unexpected detail in an urban property.



With a holistic approach, the internal multidisciplinary design team considered all the elements of landscaping and interiors within the architectural plans. The landscaping responds to the desire of the clients to have different views and terraces planted without the maintenance of only grass. Behind the privacy fence, showing little to the street, a grove of Monte Fugi planted with rosemary, greets visitors when they enter the site. The kitchen and other living spaces direct the view of the low maintenance plantations on the terrace.


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