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Bad Schörgau by Pedevilla Architects located in Sarentino BZ, Italy | The Hardt


One word to describe this space? Bad Schörgau by Pedevilla Architects located in Sarentino BZ, Italy. The new building is part of the hidden treasure of Bad Schörgau and includes a cooking academy with seminar area and the “Trehs Haus”. The cooking academy sees itself as a platform to gain an insight into the local gourmet cuisine. The central element is the almost five-meter-long cooking block, a monolith of gray-green local Sarner porphyry with a gross weight of 22,000 kg. Only the countertop has been burnished, the other surfaces show the original breakage of the stone. The cooking area is connected to a hall. A spiral staircase leads to the seminar room above. The pattern of the hall is based on the element of the circle. The intersections of the circles result in the special ceiling structure due to their star-shaped three-dimensional formulation. The outer façade has the same geometric basis but without the “stars”. The interiors were completely lined with manually limed spruce and hemp. The Trees “world of fragrances” understands itself as a competence center and includes various care product lines. The products are created on the basis of local traditions, in close connection with the place and people. The showroom extends as an open space over two floors, the basement is filled with laboratory and warehouse. The ornament creates a connection to the local tradition: simple and yet generous, without frills and yet of simple, quiet decoration.




© Gustav Willeit


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