Casa del Valle (2017) by David Guerra

Casa del Valle (2017) by David Guerra located in Nova Lima, Brazil | The Hardt


A couple with two older children approached us having a generous place with an almost 360 ° view and the idea of building a modern and cozy house. The house should be a good place to entertain guests and friends, and at the same time maintain the landscape created by the garden. Therefore, the house was constructed with fluid spaces, with generous lighting and cross ventilation, which could be easily integrated or isolated to be used together or independently changing their integration and privacy as necessary. The landscape that is revealed on the horizon along with the garden around the house, and inside with a winter garden, make the house live in harmony with the landscape, allowing contemplation in all directions.


On the ground floor, there are the social, leisure and services areas of the house. As soon as you enter the house there are four pivoters open to a large room, from which you see the winter garden, the kitchen, the terraces, the living room and the stairs that lead to the second floor. The living room and the dining room are integrated with the terraces, the garden, the kitchen and the cinema, of which the last two can be closed. The kitchen as the heart of the house is open on all 4 sides, dining room, living room, terrace, and pool. The living room itself is integrated into an outdoor gourmet kitchen, a bathroom, game room, pool terrace, spa, sauna, and conservatory. Upon entering the house to the left we have a bathroom, with mosaics of blue tiles designed exclusively by the architect, the winter garden and the office, which is connected to the winter garden. The idea of integrating spaces brings the flow of a connected house that embraces nature. The stairs that lead to the second floor are built on the winter garden and gives the vertical and horizontal circulation a view of the house and the garden itself.





On the first floor, the rooms have a view of the horizon and have private terraces. The master bedroom has a very large view and a terrace. The closet is spacious and the bathroom has a small garden. A modern house that is deeply based on affective memories with stone, wood, brick, rustic cement and tiles, also uses color and landscaping to building a warm and cozy atmosphere, designed for relaxation and rest, but also to sustain good meetings and meetings. On the decorative side of things, the purpose of the material was to make the house a refuge that goes from the neglected to a place to open the eyes. The furniture designed by Brazilian and international designers, Tibetan rugs, linen curtains, paintings by local artists, objects brought from travel and a mixture of natural materials such as linen, leather and wood add richness to the decoration and look for a Brazilian identity.


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Casa del Valle (2017) by David Guerra Nova Lima Jomar Bragança David Guerra brazil 2017

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