Casa ECS (2017) by Giuseppe Gurrieri Studio

Located in Scicli, Italy, Casa ECS (2017) by Giuseppe Gurrieri Studio | The Hardt


Located in Scicli, Italy, Casa ECS (2017) by Giuseppe Gurrieri Studio. Casa ECS, with its special laboratory for artists, rises in Sicily on an area of a high environmentally-friendly allure within the city of Scicli. Thanks to the natural configuration of the territory it is possible to appreciate the gentle slope of the land towards the Mediterranean sea: a series of terraces, retained by dry stone walls, with olive and carob trees growing up on them, fades beyond the horizon. The project was realized following the principles of a low environmental impact intervention on the territory, clearly visible in the choice of adapting the building to the natural area and in the energy-saving study carried out.





The inner spaces of the house respect accurately the geometric pattern of the external face: the living room and the laboratory face the courtyards in the north side and the sea in the south side. This choice gives the perception that the landscape crosses the inner space of the house. The planning studies have been carried out in order to ensure a high heat insulation, while the use of renewable energy sources has increased the energetic efficiency of the building, making it an eco-friendly structure.



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Casa ECS (2017) by Giuseppe Gurrieri Studio pool Giuseppe Gurrieri Studio

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