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CASA-FABER by ONG & ONG Pte located in Singapore. Reclining within an exclusive node in western Singapore, CASA-FABER looks perfectly suited to its luxurious surroundings: at home, among the quaint bungalows of this cozy enclave. This personalized residence was designed to meet the specific needs of the client, where his two main considerations were family and friends. Working on the land of considerable size, the design team chose to realign the new house on one side of the site. This decision optimized the use of space, with the new design that allows the inclusion of a garden and a training pool. The architects approached this project with an underlying design spirit that was subtle but distinctive, where flowing lines and careful selection of material culminate in an elegant design with undeniably bold touches. CASA-FABER presents two rectangular volumes stacked one on top of the other, forming the core of the residence. A façade of sand-colored wood panels lines the entrance hall, separating the stone-lined driveway from the training pool and the outer deck just behind. Made of zirconium wood, the façade in the entrance hall presents for the first time the wood motif that manifests itself throughout CASA-FABER.


The entrance hall recedes to reveal the spectacular living room. Trying to erase the boundary between the interior and exterior spaces, the architects designed a system of retractable glass windows that could slide and fold with great ease, providing versatility to the space. The living room easily changes from the outdoors to the enclosed glass, as the interior falls effortlessly to the outside, which gives CASA-FABER an extraordinary visual flow. The garden spaces that join the outer edges of the CASA-FABER house bleed into the cool pool of blue and attractive tiles, covered with wood, creating a surprising juxtaposition of colors and textures. The familiar wooden motif of the entrance is repeated, framing a panel that hides a work of art of good taste: delimiting the spacious living room of the adjoining kitchen area. The deployment of these panels reveals the true dream of a chef. The elegant and dark stone and tile finishes work to animate the space, where a striking kitchen island dominates the room. The high-end kitchen facilities are elegantly arranged since space was conceived as a culinary laboratory where the resident chef of the family can turn all kinds of gastronomic fantasy into an appetizing reality. A spectacular sculptural staircase occupies the double volume space, which connects the different levels of CASA-FABER. Manufactured from a bent black sheet, The staircase is used to separate the common areas of the basement and the ground floor of the private rooms on the upper level. As the guests head to the entertainment area of the cavernous basement, leaving the upper floor strictly for the family.



The foot of the black and geometric staircase lands in the basement of CASA-FABER, where sheet metal, textured concrete, strips of wood and rough gravel provide a lot of character to the underground space. An ingenious Zen-inspired rock garden accentuates the landing area, accentuated by natural light filtering in from the complex window that lines the top staircase. The basement comes fully loaded with a state-of-the-art entertainment system. With a professional quality winery, as well as a 3.6 m2 reinforced concrete shelter reinforced with 300 mm thick concrete, the subterranean lair emanates a majestic sense of contemporary avant-garde. A neon pink sign adorns the central dark stone wall, with the wise inscription that recalls all that, “Happiness is expensive.” Crossing the upper floor, the rooms above are best described as luxurious and spacious. Both junior suites have an en-suite bathroom and a dressing room, while the master bedroom was designed to evoke an open feeling. The large floor-to-ceiling windows are a prominent feature of the master bedroom that offers a panoramic view surrounding the neighborhood. Abundant natural light and cross ventilation permeate the space, as the skylights carefully located in the master bathroom and dressing room incorporate the bedroom spaces with a bright and airy feel.


The green spaces in the shower and toilet in the master bathroom not only provide an organic touch but also serve as natural air wells that mitigate internal circulation. The final feature, and perhaps the most striking one, found in the CASA-FABER residence is the perforated metal mesh screen that covers the second floor. Giving the property a high sense of privacy, the aluminum screen hides the housing of neighboring houses nearby. With the unmistakable silhouette of a lush wooded forest, the screen not only acts as a shield against the heat and glare of the sun but also presents a tantalizing interplay of light and shade throughout the day.


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CASA-FABER by ONG & ONG Pte Ltd stairs Singapore pool Derek Swalwell 2014

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