Casa Falk by Luciano Giorgi of LGB Architetti

Located on the island of Stromboli, Italy, Casa Falk by Luciano Giorgi of LGB Architetti | The Hardt


Located on the island of Stromboli, Italy, Casa Falk by Luciano Giorgi of LGB Architetti. The house can be described as a dream home confronting an active volcano. The house, a group of white buildings, is named after its last owner, the Swiss artist Hans Falk (1918-2002).  Renovated by its present owner, an art, and furniture collector, the house went through an entire restoration with a minimalistic approach, designed by the architect Luciano Giorgi of LGB Architetti.



We have chosen to follow an approach based on the process of subtraction and simplification, emphasizing the metaphysical aspect of the buildings created by abstract volumes with sculptural openings and dazzling volumes getting a mystic white gesso look in the daylight. The property includes a garden surrounded by walls of a group of houses, almost like a “Casbah”, but at the same time it opens up towards the two major elements of the island, the sea, and the volcano. Inside the property walls, the role given to the open space is fundamental: going into the property from the main entrance, a Mediterranean garden plays as filter between the exterior and the interior, to be followed by a parade of terraces, courtyards and paved trails in lava stone on various levels which connect the different buildings until the sea.




The connection to the first floor of the houses is possible just through the original external staircases, which we decided to maintain. The choice of the materials we made, inspired by the previous situation, is radical. The idea, which was immediately approved by the owner and me, was to use materials made in Italy, autochthonous, therefore lava stone taken from the Etna area, chestnut wood found in Sicilian forests and the “statuario” marble taken from the famous Carrara caves that brings us back to the famous tradition of Italian sculptures as well as the use of bronze for windows and doors, made near Venice where the old tradition of Carlo Scarpa still remains an icon for contemporary architecture.




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Casa Falk by Luciano Giorgi of LGB Architetti Stromboli Luciano Giorgi of LGB Architetti italy

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