Casa GD (2013) reyesrios + larraín Arquitectos

Casa GD (2013) reyesrios + larraín Arquitectos located in Merida, México


Casa GD (2013) reyesrios + larraín Arquitectos located in Merida, México. The core of the project concentrates the social areas, organized around a wide terrace that articulates the room, the dining room, the playroom, the kitchen-breakfast area and a study and the swimming pool. The rest of the program is made up of an “L” scheme that responds to the conditions of a rectangular terrain whose long axis runs in a north-south direction, with favorable orientations to capture wind towards the east and the north and to protect itself from the sun west and south.





The catalog of finishing materials is limited: soft national marble on all interior floors, semi-hardwood floorboards on floors to categorize their importance, as well as deckings and doors. Reinforced concrete walls cast with red earth “cancab” and with wavy sheets of asbestos as a mold are proposed as accent elements of light and shadow, as well as counterpoint with the cement stucco skin integrated with color, leading material of finish in all the facades. The technique and proportions of materials of the concrete walls with natural earth are another contributions of the study reyesrios + larrain architects to the contemporary architecture of Yucatan.



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Casa GD (2013) reyesrios + larraín Arquitectos reyesrios + larraín Arquitectos pool Pim Schaljwijk patio mexico

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