Casa Grossi-Giordano by Guidotti Architetti

Situated in Monte Carasso Switzerland Casa Grossi-Giordano by Guidotti Architetti | The Hardt


Situated in Monte Carasso Switzerland Casa Grossi-Giordano by Guidotti Architetti. The building stands on a plot of 150 square meters at one of the crossroads that connect the lower part of the village to its center and concludes, in the north, the public space designed by the architect Luigi Snozzi for the future expansion of the country. The land, previously occupied by a stable that designed its borders according to the rules of the old agricultural parcel, is redefined, by means of an exchange with the neighboring land, according to the new geometric rules of the neighborhood that is gradually being built. To create the final of the public space and make the entrance to the center of the country recognizable, on the southern façade a façade consisting of an inverted beam with central support is proposed, which due to the size of the beam and the absence of elements attributable to a domestic architecture , despite the private function of the building, a reference point. The wall on which the beam rests divides the public arrival space from the private one of the garden while the traversing portico connects these two spaces and leads to the entrance of the building.




Budget and mandate for the sole design of the work are the basis of the choice of the construction system that is thought to be entirely prefabricated. Reinforced concrete sandwich panels laid on the already finished construction site – including technical infrastructures – reduce the risk of distortion during construction. The design of the building according to a modular principle reduces the number of the type of elements and the details of assembly, rationalizing the execution and containing costs.




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Casa Grossi-Giordano by Guidotti Architetti switzerland Guidotti Architetti

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