Casa Ladrillo in Rosario by Diego Arraigada Arquitectos, Rosario, Argentina

Casa Ladrillo in Rosario by Diego Arraigada Arquitectos, Rosario, Argentina | The Hardt


Casa Ladrillo in Rosario by Diego Arraigada Arquitectos, located in Argentina. Ladrillo refers to the brick in Spanish – so the Casa Ladrillo is a brick or brick house. In Argentina’s third largest city, Rosario, this material is mandatory for the exterior walls of each new building and the local building code even specifies its thickness of at least 30 centimeters. The local architect Diego Arraigada is therefore well-versed in dealing with masonry and has designed a cube-shaped dwelling-house for a family of four, in which apart from the load-bearing outer and inner walls, the shell also has a perforated bandage as a filter and sun protection brick is built. On the 310 square meter property, he realized a three-story detached house with approximately 240 square meters of floor space. The supporting structure consists of three masonry walls that run perpendicular to the street and the street facade itself. Large openings with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors and loggias face the garden to the north. The subtly masonry exterior walls with perforations and diamond-shaped openings, on the one hand, protect against insights and sunlight, but on the other hand, allow views into and sufficient daylight into the interior.



Enter the house on the southeast side through a triangular opening in the masonry. The ground floor accommodates the kitchen and the living-dining area with terrace to the garden as well as a guest WC. A staircase along the closed street facade leads to the first floor, where there are three equally sized bedrooms and two bathrooms. On the second floor are a large studio and the laundry room and a roof terrace. All masonry walls are unpainted and the concrete floors, floors, and staircases remained untreated. Masonry the best ratio of load capacity to opening percentage and transparency arises. Using a digital structural model and algorithm, the architects applied the perforation patterns to the structure and placed the openings. The mild climate in Rosario makes it possible to construct a single-shell external wall of brick without a thermal barrier coating. Investigations in advance showed that in the outer walls by the Kreuzverband.



The exterior walls are made of locally produced bricks and consist of three layers. The outer two layers are built according to the rules of the masonry building in the Cross Association, the inner layer is executed as usual in an exposed masonry as a masonry. The semi-open north facade in front of the loggias is only two stone layers deep, here accounted for the inner shell. At the larger diamond-shaped openings, the load transfer takes place diagonally; here the masonry was additionally reinforced. By uniform cross-shaped perforations reaches the north facade, the maximum allowable opening rate of about 35 percent, while in the other facades, the openings are partly continued as a pure relief in the outermost layer of masonry.


Photos by Gustavo Frittegotto


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Casa Ladrillo in Rosario by Diego Arraigada Arquitectos, Rosario, Argentina Shadows Rosario lighting Gustavo Frittegotto argentina

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