Casa M (2013) by Estudio Aire

Casa M (2013) by Estudio Aire located in Rosario, Argentina | The Hardt


Casa M (2013) by Estudio Aire located in Rosario, Argentina. The spatial reaction of formal operations makes the strongest argument of this work. A simple rectangular base volume suffers a cut and a horizontal displacement. Thereby, space is more complex and is still controlled morphology. Consequently, it appears as a sinuous topography on the head of the occupants and contrasting to the plain land of the Pampas. All this becomes more dramatic thanks to the manipulation of natural light that filters through the skylights. From the street the house becomes tight but from the inner perception is a counterpoint. The program develops private activities within the lower boxes, bedrooms and bathrooms are grouped in the greater volume and kitchen, laundry and storage in two smaller ones. Public house activities are bounded by the offset that produces the ceiling and a large glass wall of different opacities (transparent toward the back of the lot and translucent sideways).

The use of exposed concrete combines supports structure spatial structure and expression of the house. This material used primarily on the outside became the inner boundary of the common area. The space experience is generated by a very synthetic material performance with strong contrasts.




© Walter Salcedo


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Casa M (2013) by Estudio Aire Walter Salcedo pool lighting Estudio Aire entrance argentina

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