Casa No Tempo (2014) by Aires Mateus

Casa No Tempo (2014) by Aires Mateus located in Sabugueiro, Portugal | The Hardt


Casa No Tempo (2014) by Aires Mateus located in Sabugueiro, Portugal. The focal point of the design was to have the house open to the vastness of the property and welcome Nature’s gifts through the large windows of every room. All floors are paved with local clay blocks (heated in winter); fully equipped kitchen is integrated in a beautiful white marble structure, open to the dining table in front of a huge window overlooking a 4,305 ft² (400m²)) swimming pool; Lounge is a luminous area with white sofas and a beautiful fireplace corner; The 4 suites are spacious with a mixture of modern bedding and local wooden furniture; Walk-in showers and toilets with ultimate finishing over handmade tiles.



This house actually has a fascinating story to it. Basically, the home has been in the current family for generations and it was in the grandfathers will that the home be kept in the family until the next generation. The family plans to own the perfectly minimal home for many more generations to come, Learn more about the home, which actually is rented out year-round, here.

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