Casa Once (2018) by Espacio 18 Arquitectura + Cueto Arquitectura

Situated in Ciudad de Puebla, México, Casa Once (2018) by Espacio 18 Arquitectura + Cueto Arquitectura | The Hardt


Situated in Ciudad de Puebla, México, Casa Once (2018) by Espacio 18 Arquitectura + Cueto Arquitectura. Casa Eleven was designed as a tailor-made suit for a young couple who were looking for a refuge that would take them away from the outer chaos and create a space of tranquillity to develop as people. The house is located in a single-family home in the city of Puebla, where the real estate sector has grown dramatically and imposes projects that do not always meet the current and future needs of people. The price of land has increased as a result of this “boom”, so that each time the properties are smaller and more exclusive, from there we set out solutions to respond and generate a good project contemplating the land conditions of 1,600 ft² (150 m²) and the internal regulations for the construction of the subdivision.

The scheme starts with exercises of subtraction from the architectural program, finally creating an “I”, this scheme allows the passage of a correct and thought natural lighting at different times of the year, in addition, to cross ventilation, which can be controlled by the user. The perforations in the project are creating patios that make all the areas have a spatial fluidity that allows green views from any point of the house, introducing the surprise factor. Also, the limits of adjacency in the back of the property are respected.




The project is developed in 3 levels, on the ground floor the social areas are distributed, opening onto the courtyards, where the program is extended and joined by means of glass screens. On the first level are the bedrooms, with views of the sky and an “Acacia” tree, which gives strength to the patio and that in spring will change to a purple color, becoming a major milestone inside the house. Finally, on the second level is the entertainment area, services and the Roof garden with a panoramic view of the volcanoes.



The facade responds to the program and part of the idea of living the house inside the walls, avoiding openings to the street and unnecessary elements, the flare allows a light bounce back to the studio, controlling visuals and lighting during the day. We generate, define and interpret the materiality through the internal construction regulations, exposing natural wood and flattened with black pigment. Inside, the engineering floor, furniture, carpentry and wooden beams provide warmth, smells, sounds, and textures in all spaces. In the bathrooms, the tiles of Oaxacan artist Francisco Toledo allow us to introduce the art and to remember another city that has given us a lot as architects.



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Casa Once (2018) by Espacio 18 Arquitectura + Cueto Arquitectura stairs mexico Lorena Darquea lighting Espacio 18 Arquitectura + Cueto Arquitectura Espacio 18 Arquitectura Cueto Arquitectura contrast

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