Casa Sal (2015) by Imativa Arquitectos

Located in San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, México, Casa Sal (2015) by Imativa Arquitectos | The Hardt


Located in San Carlos Nuevo Guaymas, México, Casa Sal (2015) by Imativa Arquitectos. The design of the envelope is characterized by an orthogonal and ordered arrangement which stands out in large part for its terraces and flown bodies that emphasize the different spaces that the house has, where the contrast between the addition and subtraction games results in a volume that tries to dialogue in an outstanding way with the place. Over time, the family has evolved in its form of coexistence among its members, where the spaces they inhabit define a fundamental pattern for their identity, to the extent that the design of a house comes to reflect the values, beliefs, and ideologies of those who inhabit it. Taking as its site an irregular topography and a panoramic view cataloged as one of the best natural scenarios in the world, the main axis of the function was defined from the beginning: the planting of a house on different platforms that will make the most of the available view of the place.




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Level 01 locates the main area of coexistence, where the lobby presents an open and immediate way a dining room that is directly related to the large terrace and pool, who take full possession of the panoramic view of San Carlos, which is Emphasizes with a large cover that protects all the clearing arranged.


Level 02 has two access possibilities, one by means of the main staircase and the second one through an exterior staircase that communicates with a walker that communicates you to the two adjoining streets of the land, which is characterized by its design of landscaping with vegetation of the region. On this level, rooms 03, 04 and 05 are located, which give rest to the rest of the family, where there is also a living room and a kitchenette that supports family activities that will take place there. It should also be noted that the views continue to be the main consideration for the sowing of the spaces.


Level 03 stands out for the use of topography and platform design, which gives us the possibility of locating a playground for children that is characterized by the regularity and openness of its surface. They have also located machinery rooms, warehouses, and service chambers.


Casa Sal is characterized as being the meeting place for more than three generations of families, where the grandparents become the creative guides of this great project, where the space that becomes for their family is achieved: refuge, coexistence, rest and fun.



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Casa Sal (2015) by Imativa Arquitectos mexico lighting Imativa Arquitectos entrance Alexander Potiomkin

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