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Concrete House by A-cero located in Madrid, Spain. With the combination of design, quality and functionality this new A-cero’s work: a house of over 16,000 ft² (1,500 m²) defined by a set of clean lines and perfect volumes. The gray color of the concrete that make up the whole building and an architectural wide black pergola, there are the elements that, at first sight, stand out in the exterior house. Furthermore, huge windows have been included in the façade in order to enjoy the pleasant surrounding views of the house. The construction has two floors that have been built according to the slope of the house’s plot. The first level, where the pedestrian access is, has a 7,028 ft² (653 m²) area. This floor has been distributed in three areas: a family area (lounge, dining room, kitchen, office, a living room for the children …); a private part where are four bedrooms, with its own baths and dressing-rooms, and a free time and relaxation area that is open to the outside and the swimming pool throw a wide porch. On the ground floor, there is a gymnasium, a wine vault, cleaning rooms and the area for service and house’s facilities.




In the interior spaces, everything is thought until the millimeter. Every wall, detail, and corner shows the elegant and studied work that A-cero has made. The exterior is built to the interior construction throw several patios that create luminous and cheerful spaces for living every day. Furthermore, the white walls and clear and comfortable decorative contrasts with the dark wood the house’s ground. On the exterior, the overflowing swimming pool of 45m2 stands out. This and porch’s ground are made of granite bush hammered, a gray stone. In this exterior area, you can find also a summer dining room and a relaxing area covered by a movable pergola. It is a pleasure for satisfying the comfort of the most demanding people. As a result, we find a new residential A-cero’s work without aesthetic shrillness that invites to lived it so much, overall because of its elegance, sophistication, and functionality.



All photos courtesy of  A-Cero




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Concrete House by A-cero spain Rafael LLamazares Joaquin Torres A-cero

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