Duplicate-Duplex (2018) by TOUCH Architect

Duplicate-Duplex (2018) by TOUCH Architect located in Khet Ratchathewi, Thailand | The Hardt


Duplicate-Duplex (2018) by TOUCH Architect located in Khet Ratchathewi, Thailand.  A major pain point of staying in 690ft² (64 m²) of a duplex condominium unit, which is used for a home-studio for an animator and an artist, is that there is not enough space for the dwelling. Moreover, a double-volume space of living area with a huge glass curtain wall faces west. High temperature occurs all day long since it allows direct sunlight to come inside. In order to solve both mentioned problems, three additional items are proposed which are, GRID PARTITION, EXTENSION DECK, and STEPPING SPACE.



A glass partition not only dividing space between kitchen and living but also helps reduce electricity charge from air-conditioning. Grid-like of double glass frame is for stuff and stationery hanging, as to serve the owners’ activities. Extension deck would help filtrating heat from direct sunlight, since an existing high glass facade facing West. An existing staircase for going up to the second-floor bedroom is added by a proposed space above since this condominium unit has no enough space for dwelling or storage. In order to utilize the space in a small condominium, creating another staircase above the existing one helps increase the space. The grid partition and the extension deck help ‘decrease’ the electrical charge, while the extension deck and the stepping space help ‘increase’ the space for 120 ft² (11 m²).   


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Duplicate-Duplex (2018) by TOUCH Architect TOUCH Architect thailand Khet Ratchathewi Chalermwat Wongchompoo Apartment

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