Fan Zeng Art Gallery (2014) by Original Design Studio

Fan Zeng Art Gallery (2014) by Original Design Studio located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China | The Hardt


Fan Zeng Art Gallery (2014) by Original Design Studio located in Nantong, Jiangsu, China. The Fan Zeng Art Gallery is built for the exhibition, communication, research and collection of calligraphy, paintings and poetry, created by the teacher Fan Zeng and Family in the city of Nantong. The concept of the Fan Zeng Art Gallery started from the “patio“, an element of the traditional space. In order to create an atmosphere of “modern creations under the old rules”, the designers separate the playground from the physical circumstance and then combine the behavior of visiting together with that of thinking. Photos by © Yao li-Su Shengliang.



The “relationship patios” are a theme of the art gallery. It is reflected for the first time in the presentation of three different patios: “patio de bien” on the ground floor, “patio de agua” and “patio de piedra” going from north to south and “fenced patio” on the third floor. With these ratios, a three-dimensional frame of patios is established, where these courtyards play an important role. At first, the idea of “three-dimensional patio” aims to reduce the volume of the building. Therefore, a large and integral volume is transferred in three smaller volumes. Thus, the scale of the courtyards focuses on the scale of the human body, and then it can be more sensible and understandable. Designers move away from the grid system and make partial relationships a new beginning. The three apparently unrelated courtyards are assembled for their own reasons, and unexpectedly become dynamic spaces with diverse connections to each other.




The “viewing patio” is another topic. The partial relationships are juxtaposed so that they can be presented in sequence, and therefore make it possible for people to visit and visualize. In the fragment of the scenes, relationships emerge one after the other. Although they are juxtaposed, there is still contact between them. They connect with each other in our mind, so that the whole can be visualized. The art gallery advocates the “diffuse border” in order to break the usual separation in the exhibition by a dispersed display mode. This helps to build a miraculous space with several possible paths. His narrative mode is never formed by the central exhibition, but is led by the route and experience. Change the original concept of obstruction and communication in an interesting way, It brings smoothly and smoothly an exploratory way for visitors, but it still refuses to be boring or shallow. This is the beauty of the so-called Eastern tortuosity.



“Patios of artistic conception” stand out, too. The Fan Zeng Art Gallery realizes the conception of “less is more”, the detailed control of existence, and the vision of abundance within a soft appearance. Instead of a strong general framework that carries the whole story with a clear norm, it produces a relatively flexible and spontaneous partial relationship of the three different courtyards. The theme of the “evolutionary relationship” means that the evolution of the relationship itself plays a more important role than the evolution of each unit. Thus, the design reconstructs the relationship of three patios, but it does not make any great change in either. Three courtyards in a simple prototype that are not far from the traditional way, but in reality, they express an extraordinary possibility of communication and intermediation among themselves. Today, we usually call the modern spirit under a traditional cover, the so-called modernity and tradition not only depend on formality but also require a thinking spirit.



The Fan Zeng Art Gallery is an ethereal camera that lets water and ink mix, making it possible to make light of the strong. It represents an attitude that pays tribute to the Chinese brush painting of having the universe within an inch, realizing all the complexity in each simple part, and showing the full charm with a pure spirit.



© Yao li-Su Shengliang



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Fan Zeng Art Gallery (2014) by Original Design Studio Yao li-Su Shengliang Original Design Studio Nantong Jiangsu China art gallery

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