FIRTH 114802 (2014) by Three14 Architects

Situated in Cape Town, South Africa, FIRTH 114802 (2014) by Three14 Architects | The Hardt


Situated in Cape Town, South Africa,  FIRTH 114802 (2014) by Three14 Architects. The 3,659 ft² (340 m²) home a minimal white box containing the bedroom accommodation on the first floor, hovering over the living spaces on the ground floor below. This box was articulated with strategic openings maximising views and exposure to light, with a central courtyard carved out adjacent to the kitchen and dining room to create a focal point. The mass of the floating box is broken down on the street façade with a dramatic screen wall which creates an open-air terrace for the guest wing of the house. The screen offers privacy from the street while allowing views and light to permeate and is constructed from standard pre-cast concrete breeze blocks reminiscent of a bygone era.





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FIRTH 114802 (2014) by Three14 Architects Three14 Architects south africa Shadows lighting

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