Flexible Housing Units by Mario Conte

Flexible Housing Units by Mario Conte, located in Canobbio, Switzerland | The Hardt


Flexible Housing Units by Mario Conte, located in Canobbio, Switzerland. The project is generated by the context so close to the urban area of the city and provides a set of houses of superior standing, with a search for independence such as to propose units that are neither apartments, nor villas, but urban housing units, with accesses and independent outdoor spaces. Space, light, utility, relationship with the landscape and emotions are constants in the search for this building. 
The concept of the form of independent duplex enclosures that “stacked” together form an elegant and modern complex of controlled size. A high-end of 3 units of 3.5 rooms called “lake belt” with duplex apartments o 1,400 ft² ( 130 m²) A low-end 3 unit of 4.5 rooms called “garden area” with duplex apartments of 1,700 ft² ( 160 m²) The lake and garden areas have large windows and openings to the outside to make strong the relationship and the continuity with the landscape free from other buildings in contact with the green, the city, the lake. The middle floor, more closed and introverted is where the sleeping areas of both types meet (lake and garden bands) containing the rooms with services that contrarily to the day plans are more ‘discrete and introverted to have the tranquility that requires a area of this function.




Photos by Paolo Mazzo



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