Forest in the Space (2013) by Hiroyuki Arima + Urban Fourth

Located in Niigata, Japan, Forest in the Space (2013) by Hiroyuki Arima + Urban Fourth | The Hardt


Located in Niigata, Japan, Forest in the Space (2013) by Hiroyuki Arima + Urban Fourth. There is a tradition of landscape gardening that succeeded for 300 years in Sanjo, Niigata. There is a meaning when this project connects the tradition to the next step. People have been conscious to respectfully nurture each tree that was forested in the history of Hasegawa House and has made the best of the fascination towards shapes to match with living spaces. Since a challenge of a new program is planned in the next 10 years, the final design will come in shape in a little future. Themes such as “replace various trees and actively change scenery”, compose a new network by synchronizing living, working and welcoming of people” and “intentionally take in moon scene into daily life” are attempted.



The space that will be realized here is similar to “waka” (Japanese Poem). Each component is separated and unified according to scenes and they exist with significance to each other. Comparable to consigning importance on every word, trees respectively have roles and do not belong to anything. Trees did not grow wild here but were collected from mountains and fields and planted in various locations. It resembles gathering and locating “words” that remind seasons in waka. Spaces are in concert relationship with them as gaining viewpoints. Waxing and waning of moon provide changes in the trees” shade. The land has gentle and mild ups and downs towards the foot of the mountain and the changes of four seasons are beautiful. Beyond the boundary, the beauty and this place are united.


© Noriyuki Yano


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