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Grass Building by Ryo Matsui Architects located in Shiba, Minato, Tokyo, Japan | The Hardt


Grass Building by Ryo Matsui Architects located in Shiba, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. In an urban context where residence and commerce are increasingly emerging, it was essential to prevent the building from becoming a generic type. At the level of the penthouse, it offers the wind and light inwards to establish the relationship between the interior and exterior territories by means of the creation of an outdoor patio and a garden roof to distance itself from the main street. The sliding doors open completely during the day, and the interior space moderately maintains its privacy to account at the same time for the fugacity of the City. For the exterior space, a soft façade is proposed that accounts for the lattices of the houses of the traditional Japanese merchants integrating the texture of the wood towards the street front.



All the windows facing the street are designed as a system of sliding doors, in order to express the integral relationship between the exterior and the interior. Additionally, it is proposed that the balconies function as the intermediate region between these spaces, and they are designed with a minimum width, in order to maximize the total area of each floor. The building corresponds to a complex of 6 floors composed of a residence, offices and commercial premises. It is located on the boundary of the planning district and the central district of the City. Considering this context of location, the building inherits both identities of urban culture and proposes the creation of a building integrated to the urban landscape of the city of Tokyo.

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Grass Building by Ryo Matsui Architects Ryo Matsui Architects japan Daici Ano Apartment

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