Green Edge House (2012) by mA-style Architects

Green Edge House (2012) by mA-style Architects located in  Fujieda, Japan | The Hardt


Green Edge House (2012) by mA-style Architects located in  Fujieda, Japan. It was decided that due to the location the residents would be better off without a view of their surroundings, so they designed an insular house with a private garden. A blank white wall encases the house and garden but hovers 65 millimeters above the floor so that daylight can filter into the house without compromising residents’ privacy. The transparency of the glass weakens consciousness of a partition between inside and outside. Then the green edge becomes a vague domain without a border giving the inhabitants of the house a feeling as though they are in a floating glass box.



The green edge that was a borderland kept it intact and located a living room or a bedroom, the place equipped with a water supply for couples in the center of the court. Then a green edge comes to snuggle up when in the indoor space even if wherever. In addition, the architect planned it so that nature could affect it with a person equally by assuming it a one-story house. A green edge and the floating wall surrounded the house but considered it to connect space while showing an internal and external border by using the clear glass for materials.






Then the green edge becomes the vague domain without the border. The vagueness brings a feeling of opening in the space. In addition, the floating obstacle that made the standard of a body and the life function in a standard succeeds for the operation of the eyes of people. It is like an opening, and a green edge and the floating wall produce space with the transparency while being surrounded. Space changes the quality of the four seasons, too. This house where the change of the four seasons was felt with a body became the new house with an inner court which expressed the non-functional richness. There is the approach in migratory of green edge and the floating wall. The green edge along the floating wall is the gray area that operated space and a function from a human physical standard and the standard of the life function. I arrange the opening to a physical standard. Act in itself to pass through the floating wall becomes the positioning of the approach as psychological recognition.





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Green Edge House (2012) by mA-style Architects mA-style Architects japan Garden Fujieda

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