Haus Hitz by Paul Pointecker and Rainer Köberl

Haus Hitz by  Pointecker and Rainer Köberl located in Rorschach, Switzerland | The Hardt


Haus Hitz by Architects Paul Pointecker and Rainer Köberl located in Rorschach, Switzerland. The site of this house for a large family (parents, 4 children, grandmother) and integrated office space for five workers, is located on a north-facing slope and looks out over Lake Constance and the ever-changing sky above. The opposite of “this sky” is the highway passing directly to the south of the house, a permanent source of the noise. The prestressed concrete structure forms open spaces on three floors within the area of 14×18 m. The bedroom of the parents forms an end point of the ways – ahead over everything – look in the Bodenseehimmel, closed to the highway. The atrium on the main floor is protected on the one hand from the south by the children’s wing against noise and brings on the other hand sun in the middle of the house. The living space between the lake and the atrium underscores the great “horizontal” with its “cinemascope window” to the north.





This bright, wide spatial structure is entered from a cave-like space under the atrium, which is surrounded by grandma’s apartment, office space, and multipurpose room. These rooms in white concrete are subdivided only by furniture and outside wrapped in a black coat of black foam glass. Under the oxygen-sapping highway, probably soon surrounded by “clean”, unsightly houses, this dark body is overgrown with roofs and walls by various plants.



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Haus Hitz by Paul Pointecker and Rainer Köberl switzerland Rainer Köberl Paul Pointecker and Rainer Köberl Paul Pointecker

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