Haus Rüscher by OLKRÜF

Haus Rüscher by OLKRÜF located mountains of Western Austria | The Hardt


Haus Rüscher by OLKRÜF located mountains of Western Austria around a kilometer away from the nearest village and OLKRÜF designed the house as two self-contained buildings that impact as little possible on the surrounding countryside. “It was important for the client to build a very compact house that would not spoil the local landscape by sealing over the top surface with unnecessary concrete, gravel or tarmac,” the architects explain. The outer shell of each building comprises a single casting of concrete, designed to reference the solid volumes of the surrounding mountains. “The most challenging part of the project was the single-piece construction, Exposed concrete walls are sandblasted to create smooth interior surfaces on the lower level. Floors are lined with elm boards, which also clad the walls and ceilings in the bedrooms.




Large windows pierce the concrete facade on different sides to give residents clear views across the mountain and forest landscape. “The most successful thing for us was managing not to compromise on the design from start to finish,” added Read. “That is something that rarely happens in the industry, but in this case, the final result is almost identical to the original concept. Partly this was due to our perseverance and partly it was due to the client believing and sharing in our vision.”

Photography: Adolf Bereuter



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