Horizon by VOIS Architects located in Paros, Greece

Horizon by VOIS Architects located in Paros, Greece | The Hardt


Horizon by VOIS Architects located in Paros, Greece. The summer house was designed by VOIS architects in 2012. The name, “Horizon”, derives from the two basic elements of the design. “H” constitutes the configuration of the building that resembles the shape of the letter, where the main volumes expand symmetrically along the axis SW – SE. “Orizon”, from the aim of the design and the need for the house to remain in continuous connection to the open Through the void, created between the two main volumes, a frame is created that captures the perpetual energy and alternating images of the sea horizon. This element remains as a focal point of the house that concentrates on daily family activity and movements of the natural scenery. At the same time, it is the point from which the viewpoints begin and extend.





The house emerges from the landscape and the landscape evolves linearly as an extension of the house. The entrance to the house happens through an extended pathway that is surrounded by an inclined plane. The gradual walk leads the visitor towards the main living area. The seating area is created on a recessed level in order to allow for unobscured views. The bedrooms and supporting areas are situated in a balanced manner on each side of the main axis. The pool situated in front of the living area follows the linear direction towards the horizon emerging the blue surfaces of the water.






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Horizon by VOIS Architects located in Paros, Greece VOIS Architects Paros ocean greece Erieta Attali 2016

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