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House GePo (2012) by OYO located in Wijgmaal, Belgium. This stunning render has a floor plan of the 1,938 ft² (180 m²) house has a very open vibe to it, mostly due to the heavy use of steel in the framing and elsewhere. OYO chose for a minimalistic approach, omitting fancy details. They believe there is no need for over the top extras and find simple minimalistic interiors to be the gold standard. I wouldn’t argue with that person. This and other choices result in a low budget home that sticks perfectly to the basic idea of living. The house functions in a very open-minded and opportunistic way. Every room in this house is connected and ready to absorb the creativity of its residents. 



© Tom Janssens


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House GePo by OYO Witaya Wijgmaal Tom Janssens OYO belgium

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