House H (2018) by Felipe Assadi Architects

House H (2018) by Felipe Assadi Architects located in Zapallar, Chile | The Hardt


House H (2018) by Felipe Assadi Architects located in Zapallar, Chile. The H House is a reinforced concrete structure composed of a succession of longitudinal and transverse beams that work together to generate a single collaborative piece. We prefer, as always, to inhabit a structure instead of structuring a room. In this way, we do not think about the technical feasibility of an ad post project, but before this is the order’s own resolution. That is, before being a house, the project is its own structure. Starting from the top down, of two main longitudinal beams oriented from north to south, 41 meters long and 1.40 meters high, hangs the ceiling tile.




This set is supported by only 4 walls in the whole route, leaving important cantilevers of 7 meters at their ends. The system rests on two other longitudinal beams of the same length, this time under the floor slab, resting all this on the same 4 walls that go down to the ground and build a base with bedrooms, on the one hand, and on the other, it supports an east-west transversal volume that on the one hand arms the access to the house and, on the other, projects towards the sea containing the pool, the latter, as a wedge of variable section, weighed by the water that contains, builds the cantilever forming a new cantilever also 7 meters towards the slope, reinforcing the views that the house proposes towards the sea.


The project consists of a level of access in which the common areas, living, dining, and kitchen are located in a single space, without divisions or pillars, in addition to the master bedroom with its bathroom. The lower level, of external access, contains a family room and secondary bedrooms. The great wall – a beam that arms the main facade of the work, is, in turn, a long piece of wood that runs throughout the house, serving the enclosures according to its own use. In the connection between both levels, where transverse structures are also found with the volume of the pool, the vertical circulation is built, consisting of a staircase and a ramp. Both come to a patio that goes under the main structure from east to west, reinforcing the idea that this project proposes, to levitate on the slope.


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House H (2018) by Felipe Assadi Architects ocean Fernando Alda Felipe Assadi Chile 2018

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