House Lot 75 (2013) by Office Winhov

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, House Lot 75 (2013) by Office Winhov | The Hardt


Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, House Lot 75 (2013) by Office Winhov. The ‘Little Reed Island / Kleine Rieteiland’ in Ijburg is surrounded by water, which forms the southern boundary of the Diemerpark. The island‘s central street is flanked on both sides by a continuous line of built houses, developed on the private property. Within well-defined urban conditions, each home has its own architecture. The project for the house in Lot 75 is created within a close collaboration between the client and the architect.



The house takes the contrast between the enclosed interior and the exterior, which is focused on the landscape out there as a starting point. On the street side, the house has an entrance patio with a closed brick facade combined with prefabricated concrete strips. Behind this front facade, the house opens onto the sun and there is a wide view over the water. The house follows the contour of the profile of the dike, the edge of the island, with a second sunken patio and a dormitory in the basement. The second patio is the center of the house and allows daylight to enter deeply into the adjoining rooms.




On the garden side, a diagonal view across the courtyard connects the study room, the bedroom and the study room with a kitchen and living room. Directly next to the patio is the kitchen, the core of everyday family life. The fixed interior elements such as kitchen cabinets, electricity meter, and toilet are placed together in a long interior wood element. The kitchen leads to the dining room and seating in the form of a meeting space. The large terrace on the first floor offers panoramic views over the countryside. This private terrace complements the shared green area along the water.



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House Lot 75 (2013) by Office Winhov Stefan Müller Office Winhov Netherlands

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