House MV (2017) by Cristian Alvarado Espinoza

Located in Paine, Chile, House MV (2017) by Cristian Alvarado Espinoza | The Hardt


Located in Paine, Chile, House MV (2017) by Cristian Alvarado Espinoza. The order is a second home for a family on the slopes of a hill located in the southern sector of Laguna Aculeo, Paine. The conditions of the terrain with an angle of 30 degrees create the following problem: How, in addition to accommodating the traditional program, is the family reunion generated and possible? The work tries to solve this through the creation of a pause, a new horizon that on one hand projects us from the ground to the descent of the slope and on the other, the construction define a space for the encounter. Thus, the landscape is an excuse and a backdrop for daily acts. The construction protects but emphasizes and reinforces the idea of dominance. For this, it is proposed to separate the program into two volumes, one with the common areas and another one with the bedroom areas.



The first volume is entered by the upper part of the site reaching a level with it. This is arranged perpendicular to the street so does not obstruct the view of the surrounding hills, and also generates that the work is perceived smaller in size, scaling, accompanying and not interrupting. Inside, the kitchen, dining room and living room (in that order from the entrance) share a single space that projects and finishes off a large window that frames the landscape. Its perimeter opens onto the backyard contained by the pool, which will be protected from the wind by the second volume.




The second volume is parallel to the level of the hill a floor below, transforming itself into support for the first volume. In addition to the terrace and the space for the patio/pool, this volume creates in its lower part a more intimate balcony for the bedrooms, creating an open and covered outdoor circulation. Above, the large terrace is an extension of the living room and the patio, projecting the views over the nearby roofs towards the lagoon. This new horizon, the break on the hills, tries to materialize the creation of a superposition of activities, and how the architecture and its relation and proximity with the surroundings enhance, qualitatively, the meeting of people, the experience of a context creating a space with the feeling of a place but always different.




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House MV (2017) by Cristian Alvarado Espinoza pool Cristian Alvarado Espinoza Chile

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