KAP (2011) by Komada Architects’ Office

Located in Edogawa, JapanKAP (2011) by Komada Architects’ Office | The Hardt


Located in Edogawa, JapanKAP (2011) by Komada Architects’ Office. Kap is a rental housing of three families located in an area of Tokyo crowded with small houses and apartments. We make the slabs between concrete walls fragmented and make holes on the walls to connect the spaces adjoin each other so that the small rooms become multi-dimensional and diverse. We think that you can live active and creative time, feeling the pleasure of finding out various places there.



© Toshihiro Sobajima



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KAP (2011) by Komada Architects’ Office Toshihiro Sobajima stairs lighting Komada Architects’ Office japan

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