M House by Facet Studio

Located in Niigata, Japan, M House by Facet Studio | The Hardt


Located in Niigata, Japan, M House by Facet Studio. The timber rafters supporting this majestic roof are exposed, and by having no supporting columns they are homogeneously “repeated” at 18 inches (455mm) spacing through the entire 70 ft (21m) east-west length.  This rhythm is repeated without any interruption.  As if to emphasize this repetition, the shelf columns, supporting the bookshelf extending across the length of the house, are “repeated” at a double, 36 inch (910mm) spacing; by repeating the same rhythm it is corresponding with the overhead roof rafters.




The large triangular windows to the east and west of the house visually connect this rhythm from inside to outside, blurring the boundary between, and expand the inhabitants’ senses further than the bounding walls.  We aim to achieve an ideal imagery of a family, enjoying living in a space of eternal expansion.


Courtesy of Facet Studio




The Hardt

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