Nara House by Fuji Architects

Nara House by Fuji Architects, located in Japan | The Hardt


Nara House by Fuji Architects, located in Japan. The House adopts a central garden courtyard spanning the entire height of the dwelling, and while the intensity of light entering the living doesn’t match that of conventional windows, the end result creating a super vibey space. Vast black-framed doors seal off the living spaces from this courtyard which span the double-height ceiling and add to the somewhat industrial tone of the interior. Fuji Architects embraced the potentially gloomy atmosphere and didn’t try to compensate with white paint, instead employing dark grey colors in a successful attempt at creating a monochromatic space. This dark setting allows a greater contrast with the lights scattered throughout the space and the vibrancy of the plant-life. Specific species capable of growing in low-light conditions were selected including ferns.




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