Located in Onomichi-shi, Japan Nest by UID Architects

Located in Onomichi-shi, Japan Nest by UID Architects | The Hardt


Located in Onomichi-shi, Japan Nest by UID Architects. This is a small house planned in a forest surrounded by rich nature. The site is located in the foot of a mountain with scarce neighboring houses in Onomichi City. The family consists of two daughters, their mother, and their loving cat. Since there are only three women, we thought it would be appropriate to gently connect a boundary of the place’s environment and architecture, allowing the close distance between the family members. It is to seize the environment as non-dividable, similar to creatures that generate their nest under elements that cover forest’s ground. It is like a principle that expands from a nest in a forest, to a forest, then to the earth, and ultimately to the universe.



This time we sought a single space that comprehends the surroundings and the house by rethinking elements such as floors and walls that make up architecture. Specifically, in the ground layer, some spaces are connected to each other by a tunnel that becomes a concrete anthill nest attached with a small entrance on the ground. Above the ground, a floating wooden nest box composed of things like branches and fallen leaves cover the nest on the ground’s surface. Although the non-sequence composition of the floors and the walls make the architectural elements look separated, they will become essentials that link architecture and the surrounding in succession, when viewing the environment on the whole. The house will offer spaces that is similar to the forest’s comfortable sunshine and shade, which reside with the natural climate. The house will be a nest in a forest that its territory will not be regulated.


© Hiroshi Ueda



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Located in Onomichi-shi, Japan Nest by UID Architects UID Architects Onomichi-shi japan Hiroshi Ueda 2010

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