Located in Mallorca, Spain, Neuendorf House (1991) by John Pawson + Claudio Silvestrin

Located in Mallorca, Spain Neuendorf House (1991) by John Pawson + Claudio Silvestrin | The Hardt


Located in Mallorca, Spain Neuendorf House (1991) by John Pawson + Claudio Silvestrin. This vacation house for a German art dealer is set in an almond grove on the island of Mallorca, with views of sea and mountains. The office’s first full architectural project, the design explores ways of achieving the quality of proportion in outside space more usually associated with interiors. The composition of the atrium is emphatically vertical, the exaggerated height of the walls dramatized by the narrowness of the slot opening. As the design brings together certain conventions of interior and exterior spaces, so it plays with the opposition of raw nature and the formality of architecture, pigments from the soil being used to tint the render. The house is currently used as a vacation rental. Check the seasonal rates + a music video shot at the how on the next page, following the photo gallery.

via John Pawson


In partnership with Claudio Silvestrin

Project Team
Crispin Osborne

Richard Bryan

via John Pawson





Music video above was shot at this timeless classic. Didn’t have a moment to digest the music, so if it’s horrible my apologies in advance. 


As I mentioned above the home is available for rent as well, see the listing below. 

Seasonal rates begin at from €4000/ wk. November/December/January/February and March are €4000 per week. April is €5000 per week, May €6500 per week, June €7000 per week, July/August €9000 per week, September €7000 per week, and October €6000 per week. Additional surcharge of €100 per person per day if more than 10 people staying. Set in an almond grove on the southern part of the island, Mallorca Villa was designed by John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin, the duo responsible for designing leading retail locations for Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani. With stunning views of the sea and the mountains, Mallorca Villa is a highly expressive and unusual structure and a daring leap into what a residential space can mean.

Grand in scale and humble in tone, Villa Mallorca is reminiscent of an art installation, and its clean sharp delineated lines of vertical and geometric shapes evoke a modern take on antiquity. Equal parts mid-century modern and ancient adobe castle, the striking minimalist emphasis in and out and use of raw, natural materials creates a harmonious palette with the landscape.
With over 6000 square feet, this spacious home features five bedrooms with one master, that sleeps a total of eleven. Each is completely unadorned and refreshing in their simplicity while still remaining luxurious. The fully equipped kitchen and adjoining dining area are large enough to serve up to ten and are adjacent to the expansive pool terrace and indoor courtyard for great open-air living. There are a rooftop terrace and two additional wraparound terraces for lounging as well as a hammock under the shade of the trees. Along with the 30-meter infinity pool, there is an additional pool underneath with a waterfall that has a walled area for children and a sunken tennis court. With over thirty acres of expansive gardens, the property is incomplete, secluded privacy.
With an unusual economy of design, this villa is nevertheless a vivid and stylish statement and is a peaceful and luxurious retreat.


Welcome bottles of wine and fresh flowers on arrival. Staff can be arranged to be on-hand for an extra cost including a daily housekeeper at €15 per hour, massage services and yoga/pilates and tennis instruction available. Fully equipped state of the art kitchen and Miele laundry facilities. Wifi throughout, TV, iPod audio system and SONOS music system, and a large collection of games and books. Bicycles available for guest use. Chidren’s cot, high chair and changing table and sand box.




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Located in Mallorca, Spain, Neuendorf House (1991) by John Pawson + Claudio Silvestrin spain Richard Bryan Mallorca John Pawson Claudio Silvestrin 1991

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