On The Water by Team Yamanashi in NIKKEN SEKKEI

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On The Water by Team Yamanashi in NIKKEN SEKKEI. The site of this building is located in Lake Chuzenji in Nikko city. Its lakeshore has been lined up with summer houses of foreign embassies For As Long As  Most Can Remember. The project is A teardown of a 5-story recreational/Commercial facility and replaces with a new, private summer house for an individual client. The structure is built as close to the waterside of the lake as possible, while its height is kept low. A two-story building is placed at this location with a level going down 23 ft (7 meters) from the road to the lakeside. The circulation of this building is designed to be accessed from the road to the 2nd-floor level, which features a main dining space for welcoming guests, while the spiral configuration of the building gradually leads the guests to the first floor with a bedroom.




The revetment between the existing building and the lake has been removed and the lake water is drawn into the courtyard at the center of the first floor and a 65 foot (20 m) long span slab straddling the top is planning to cut out the view of the lake. The cantilever steel roof covering the continuous dining space from the pouch on the second floor. Considering snow accumulation of 4 feet  (1.2 m) at the maximum, the tie rod (SUS 13 φ) placed at the 10 feet (3 m) pitch on the tip of the nose constantly gives a tension to the steel beam with which the chamber was given in advance, so that the tension is canceled at the time of snow cover, Thereby suppressing the deflection. This rod reaction force has the effect of reducing the deflection of the long span slab by taking from the reversed beam of the SRC for showing the flat weather on the first floor flat. By suppressing deflection during snow accumulation it became possible to adopt sashless large size glass to maximize Vista to the lake. Glass with a width of 10 m is the maximum size that can carry the sunlight Iroha slope with a lot of meandering.


Photos by photo: Koji Fujii [Nakasa and Partners] / Koji Fujii [Nacása & Partners]




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On The Water by Team Yamanashi in NIKKEN SEKKEI Team Yamanashi in NIKKEN SEKKEI Nakasa and Partners lighting lake Koji Fujii japan

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