Ratchada 18 Residence (2017) AOMO

Ratchada 18 Residence (2017) AOMO located in Huai Khwang, Thailand | The Hardt 


Ratchada 18 Residence (2017) AOMO located in Huai Khwang, Thailand. This private residence is an addition to the family property having an existing 1-story house. The new house is placed to give each other enough privacy and flexibility to expand. The house is for a young newly-married couple in their late 20’s. Modern lifestyle and social life of the owner is driving the functions and the architecture of the house. This house is also an experiment of architectural expression through detailed design between anti-gravity and levitating concept. It is a juxtaposition concept that we would like to express to make the house more interesting. As a result of Feng Shui master devices, A 6.5m cantilevered roof (with gutters), detailed as thin as possible, is flying over to cover the entire main stairs as suggested by Feng Shui master, opposing to a large solid masonry box of master bedroom, levitating above a rock garden since we need to raise this section up from the rest of the house for Feng Shui reason.




With a constrained budget, most of the housing material is inexpensive and very simple such as cement board panel, painted wall, and polished concrete. The detailed design is the integrity of the house with elaborated craftsmanship and thoughts, such as grooved PVC lines on masonry walls, alignments of materials or patterns used inside and outside.  All the details and efforts make the house unique and powerful on its own.


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Ratchada 18 Residence (2017) AOMO thailand Chaovarith Poonphol AOMO

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