Residence EC by AM30 Architecture Workshop + Stephane Arriola

Residence EC by AM30 Architecture Workshop + Stephane Arriola located in Atemajac de Brizuela, México | The Hardt


Residence EC by AM30 Architecture Workshop + Stephane Arriola located in Atemajac de Brizuela, México. The land lies on the outskirts of the town, in a densely wooded area and sloping with views of the surrounding mountains. The architecture of the region is deeply rooted in traditional construction methods and the materials of the region influenced the way the spaces were constructed. The EC residence takes advantage of these cultural traits and adapts them to the needs of the family. The main objective was that the house should meet the minimum necessary of the terrain, allowing at the same time to be in constant relation with the immediate landscape. We decided to adapt to the natural elements of the terrain, dividing the program into different volumes, locating them around the existing pines. The three volumes that surround the circulation nucleus constitute the main house. The volume destined to the visits is composed by two forms of delimit a central patio, functioning as circulation square, in addition to linking the front and back of the land.




The ground floor adapts to the terrain creating different levels and the interior patios illuminate the spaces creating atmospheres with unique characteristics. Through the main social areas of the ground floor, a visual axis was respected to facilitate communication between spaces.  The solid wood floors create a continuous surface that extends the interior spaces to the decks, reinforcing the interaction with the exterior spaces. Metallic formwork pieces were designed to accelerate the process of building the stone walls that form the outer walls. Our goal was to create the union of the timeless with the modern, the place with the universal, the outskirts with the city, in a weekend house in the middle of the forest. 


© Lorena Darquea Schettini



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