Residence Gardens (2017) by Drucker Architects and Associates

Residence Gardens (2017) by Drucker Architects and Associates located in the Jardins, Sao Paulo, Brazil | The Hardt


Residence Gardens (2017) by Drucker Architects and Associates located in the Jardins, Sao Paulo, Brazil, a set of neighborhoods single-family family houses and tree mass protected by the historical patrimony, this house has 550sqm of built area, divided into two floors, ground and upper. The original terrain had a slope of four meters of height in relation to the level of the street. With this in the ground, we put the garage, warehouses, technical facilities, part of services, dependencies of employees with canopy and accesses by stairs internal and external.




The upper deck has been installed at the top of the existing slope and juts out onto the ground floor, which is just above street level. On the upper floor the program was organized around a central patio, whose U-shaped plan is articulated by a circulation, with washbasin, internal staircase, kitchen cupboard and an intimate room, and by two wings parallel to the external road. The closest wing to the street houses a large Living Room with Living Room, Dining Room, Home Theater, and Balconies. In the back, wing we have a sequence of four suites, the last being the master suite.



The construction, of reinforced concrete apparent by slats of wood, has components in steel, wood, and glass, marked materials in the set. The floor, in travertine Roman marble of internal environment, was also used in the external area, and the absence of unevenness highlights the continuity between exterior and interior (there is a system of rainwater capture built into the stones). One of the highlights of the project was the brusses of the master suite, which now function as a sunroof (it modulates the entrance of light to its total fence), and sometimes as doors to open.




This residence is designed to promote personal renewal and well being, through spaces where the landscape and architecture meet to replenish and invigorate the spirit. So the central courtyard has a contemplative vertical garden, trees with a small grassy area and a swimming pool, with transshipment all around it promoting a sense of water mirror that reflects this garden. This patio, together with the extensive glass doors of the sliding doors of the two wings and also of the twelve pivotal glass doors of the front facade, allows the residents the direct contact of the whole residence with the exterior and its large tree mass.



Internally we look for a dichotomy created by the walls of apparent slatted concrete and the lightness of the frames in large glass cloths that open completely to the vertical garden patio and to the huge existing trees of the street and the surroundings. In order to accentuate the light entering the large front room (east side) a structured setting with a metal pergola with glass in the cover and pivoting doors also in transparent glasses was designed. This arrangement provided an unusual interaction with the treetops, which seem to invade the interior of this large concrete hall, with no pillars in the middle. The house also has rainwater reuse, solar energy capture, cross ventilation, windows with heat treatment, thermal insulation of polystyrene in the roof, digital lighting control, recycled wood,


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Residence Gardens (2017) by Drucker Architects and Associates Sao Paulo Brazil Ruben Otero Drucker Architects and Associates brazil

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