Residence Guaparo (2016) by NMD NOMADAS

Located in Naguanagua, Venezuela, Residence Guaparo (2016) by NMD NOMADAS | The Hardt


Located in Naguanagua, Venezuela, Residence Guaparo (2016) by NMD NOMADAS. In the tropics, the parts of a residence can be interior and exterior, connected to each other; nature and residence are everywhere. We also try to express in a house the way of being characterized by understanding the interior and exterior as domestic, even in the public and open; where spaces are continuous as an expression without barriers of this expanded domesticity The residence is located on the grounds of an old drive-in cinema, in the city of Valencia, the industrial capital of Venezuela. This establishment had shaped the terrain east-west by cutting part of a mountain range and introducing a slope to what was once the movie screen. The residence is implanted next to one of these terrain cuts and at the top of the slope. The basic idea was to provide the building of spaces that can relate to the exterior in a direct way to link the residents of the residence with the nature that surrounds them and not to become an airtight box that loses its connection with the outside, respecting the natural relief of most of the land.




The strategy implemented is to conceive the interior spaces as external and vice versa; so it presents itself as a succession of interiors and exteriors as dormitories of an inhabited landscape: Two inner courtyards interact with nature and light on the border between the private and the public. A swimming streak accompanies the entire longitudinal course Terraces in the open air, arranged in all its facades in different ways: the terrace together with the room generates the duplicity of an enclosed space and when opening the doors creates a space for services, a place that, at the same time, will make the domestic work much more pleasant by the bond with the exterior, and the private terrace together with the dwellings that incorporate to the space of rest the outside green; A semi-buried and covered terrace, like a square, will be scenery of different activities in which the intention of the cinema in the open air and direct contact with the green areas prevails.

This succession of interiors and exteriors is accompanied by a horizontal band that enters and leaves, defining and evidencing the dormitories, enabling interior-exterior domesticity. Underneath the strip, the interior-exterior dilation of the parts of the residence is framed, while above, the strip defines, exclusively in glass, the relationship of the interior with the natural surroundings where the residence is located: the mountain range and the heaven.


© Víctor Hugo Navarro





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Residence Guaparo (2016) by NMD NOMADAS Víctor Hugo Navarro Venezuela pool NMD NOMADAS lighting

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