Residence U (2015) by MATERIA

Located in Gustavo Carmona, Mexico, Lisa Beltrán, Residence U (2015) by MATERIA | The Hardt


Located in Gustavo Carmona, Mexico, Lisa Beltrán, Residence U (2015) by MATERIA. Residencia U is located on the outskirts of Mexico City, on a mountainous terrain, near a cliff and overlooking the Valley of Mexico. The pronounced inclination made possible an intimate relation between the spaces of the house and the topography of the place. The party questioned the typical sequence of a house, such that the main access is through the terrace and later descend to the private and social spaces of the house. This, combined with a lawn based on the pre-existence of trees, frames the house, granting you views and natural light in each space.

The exterior facade is sober and simple, hiding the interior of the house, shows the relationship between the slope and the horizon. After an access portal, a bridge that extends the transition from the street to become an observatory. When moving away from the slope, the house reduces the path and releases most of the green surface. The scale becomes the core of the project, acting as an axis and an eave for light. Distribute the spaces at all levels making use of the breaks to frame the views. Therefore, one glimpses from the interior, the landscape at different scales. The marks prologue strategically in some sections to reduce pitch velocity and allow a more conscious act of transition between levels.



The upper level houses the garage and the entrance hall, the lower level being occupied by the two dormitories, a studio, two bathrooms, a master bedroom with bathroom, a private closet and a terrace, followed by the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Finally, on a semi-buried level, is the games room and access to the lower part of the garden. Materiality responds to the function of spaces. The concrete is used for all the volumes that contain the earth and houses the service areas. The social plan, from which the gardens are accessed, is expressed in a heavier nature, using a black stone with a pattern of stripes that provides a continuous reproduction of light and shadow. The higher volumes, containing the dorms, draw subtle lines of white elements. The landscape design was designed in situ,  letting the terrain speak for itself.


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Residence U (2015) by MATERIA Onnis Luque mexico MATERIA

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