ReSlope House in Kobe by Tomohiro Hata

Situated in Kobe, Japan ReSlope House in Kobe by Tomohiro Hata | The Hardt


Everyday life of 10000 times

The number of times for daily living will amazingly expand when you begin your life in a new house. First, notice that one year contains 365 days. Within 30 years, you will have spent more than 10,000 days. Everyday necessities such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, using the restroom or taking a bath are repeated more than 10,000 times. Thinking about it, to live daily in an affluent place such as a house can lead to enriched things. We try to consciously design houses for long-term daily living.

Joy, Anger, Grief, and Pleasure

In daily life, people live, experiencing a variety of emotions. One day you may feel fine as you can forgive anything. The next day you may feel withdrawn or overwhelmed by deep grief as you don’t feel like talking to anyone. There may be days positive feelings are encouraged by listening to the voice of your children jumping around at a reading room. We think that creating a house is to create a personal space which can embrace the complexity of human psychology.

Resident and Residence

People change as time goes by. Naturally, families can change as well. We have never ever thought of creating a house in order to adjust it to our clients or their families. We do keep in mind that we uniquely design a house for the existence of the person so that the space and the resident can connect with each other. We embrace a natural flow every time we create a totally different house.

Client and Architect

As an architect, listening to a client’s demand is essential. However, we do not think of creating architecture solely by accepting anything the client wishes. Space should be created by considering the essence of what a client does and does not wish. Every single day we design with such considerations in mind



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ReSlope House in Kobe by Tomohiro Hata Toshiyuki Yano Tomohiro Hata Kobe Japan japan

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