SH House (2016) by Paulo Martins

SH House (2016) by Paulo Martins situated in Sever do Vouga, Portugal | The Hardt


SH House (2016) by Paulo Martins situated in Sever do Vouga, Portugal. It is imperative to maintain the original layout of the same, choosing only to demarcate the existing spans by resorting to the use of Corten steel and the sizing of its application according to visual weight. In this way, it was possible to balance the whole volumetrically. Programmatically the house is divided into two floors, a social area, organized to take advantage of the direct relationship with the outdoor areas, while the suite, located on the top floor, privileges access made by an internal staircase that dematerializes, serving not only for storage as well as physically separating spaces and uses.





It was totally intentional to preserve the historical essence of the constructed object as well as the contemporary nature of the intervention that has been added to the building. Light colors and minimalist language help to maximize the constructed limits and visually unblock the space that is already quite small.




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SH House (2016) by Paulo Martins stairs portugal Paulo Martins Ivo Tavares Studio 2016

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