Spa + Hotel La Romana (2012) by Isaac Peral Codina

Spa + Hotel La Romana (2012) by Isaac Peral Codina located in La Romana, Alicante, Spain | The Hardt


Spa + Hotel La Romana (2012) by Isaac Peral Codina located in La Romana, Alicante, Spain. The local field contains oxides that stain the red landscape. The building has been built with local stone, such as Marble Rojo Alicante, blending in well with the surroundings. The block, marble, and scarlet welcomes you inside, austere but comfortable, and offers a sensorial experience of water and light. The soft light from inside only broke with the light entering through the many cracks in the coating carved marble. There is an attractive interior space, which only communicates with the outside through strategically located grooves that discover you the landscape. The concrete ceiling finished with the texture of the wooden forms, reflects the water sparkle, opens through skylights. In this way, the lighting is overhead, which when mixed with water vapor surrounds you in a nice weightless environment.

Living the Spa Sunsets is a vibrant experience. The light is transformed from a natural light cascading down the skylights with orange warm colors. Entering through the cracks in hundreds of lighting lines that reinforce the red light of the stone, until you can feel gradually the artificial lighting designed to introduce a fun and relaxing environment. The Sunrise reverses the process. All used construction materials are natural (stone, iron, and wood), and they are typical for the area, reinterpreting a vernacular architecture and a lyrical form, where predominates the light treatment to perceive the space. This makes a very modern architecture, fed by the building tradition of the area.




In addition to its innovative design of the facilities, unlike any other Spa, in its facilities, there is a saving energy system that uses the bioclimatic techniques which have made the building a sustainable and economical installation. All lighting system in the SPA is natural.  Artificial lighting is necessary only during the night. Inside we use the perimeter skylights. The natural lighting in all spaces is solved by the glass wall facade, whose light will filter through the lattice. The lattice prevents the sunlight to enter straight into de interior space, then, in warm months, cooling is not required. The spaces have cross ventilation to provide dehumidification and hydrothermal comfort. The energy from the solar panels heats the water in the pool and in the indoor spa. The marble stone is an excellent receptive material that keeps the space warm in winter for many hours, even overnight. All materials used are local, minimizing transportation costs and manufacturing. Therefore the ecological impact of the building is very small.

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Spa + Hotel La Romana (2012) by Isaac Peral Codina spain Spa Shadows lighting Isaac Peral Codina Hotel David Frutos Alicante 2012

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