Tahan Villa (2013) by BLANKPAGE Architects

Located in Kfour, Lebanon, Tahan Villa (2013) by BLANKPAGE Architects | The Hardt


Located in Kfour, Lebanon, Tahan Villa (2013) by BLANKPAGE Architects. The position of the house is optimized to enhance the view at a maximum while respecting the sloped nature of the terrain. It was conceived as an architectural adaptation of the rocks that characterized the surrounding scenery. In essence, it is a massive volume, seemingly floating in the landscape. The facade is clad with sliding stone panels that resemble the texture of the rocks. It rests on a transparent box which is shaped by a series of platforms that adapt to the topography. These platforms form a transition, from a stepped access, that links the street level to the house. On the roof of the house, there is a light steel pergola which is finished with terracotta louvers and contains a painting studio surrounded by a roof terrace. The final outcome resulted in a prismatic stone volume within an existing landscape. The house can be read as a subversion of the traditional Lebanese village house.



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