Town House in Antwerp by Sculp[IT]

Town House in Antwerp by Sculp[IT] located in Antwerp, Belgium | The Hardt


Town House in Antwerp by Sculp[IT] located in Antwerp, Belgium. A townhouse ready for the next century. The façade keeps its historical function and bourgeois radiance, neatly in line. The contrast with the rear is ample. All incorrect additions are replaced by a unit of space and light. Daylight and contact with the garden are introduced. The simple, contemporary glass rear has the world’s largest pivoting window – 10 feet (3 meters) wide by 20 feet (6 meters) high – and makes this house ready for the future.



Clients wanted to have that connection and a more modern approach in connection with the old details. We broke down the rear part of the building to make this connection on the same level, and give the house a nice view of the garden from the different floors. We wanted to make also a connection with the different floors.  This happened to wit a triplex in the new built rear extension. New Groundfloor: cooking and informal eating. (and storage places and garage) First floor: old part: dining and sitting (also with a view to the garden): new part: a suspended office. Second, third and fourth: 2 big rooms with bathroom each floor.





Polished concrete inside and the outside terrace on the same level. Walls: masonry with painted. Window profiles: ODS Jansen Extra laser-cut and tailormade with insulated glass from Saint Gobain. (glass 1.5 ton each slab).  Each window (with frame) 2 tons.  Dimensions: 3x6m and 6x3m above. Concept window: same form: T shaped as an old standard window. Kitchen: table tops also in concrete.  The island is movable to the terrace.  The ideal bbq house. In the old front part, we renovated the existing floors and architectural details.  The new bathrooms are in the old style with a modern approach. But we kept the old lavabo’s that were available in the house. The new bathrooms are in between the two big bedrooms with double doors ‘en enfilade’ (a classical term for doors of different rooms on one view ax). So we didn’t do a lot, but what we did has giant repercussions to the way of living in that house.


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Town House in Antwerp by Sculp[IT] windows town house Sculp[IT] Luc Roymans belgium

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