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Situated in Barcelona, Spain, TR House (2015) by PMMT | The Hardt


Situated in Barcelona, Spain, TR House (2015) by PMMT. TR House Barcelona is a single-family house with a compact morphology. Its shape is the answer to the limitations presented by the pre-existing conditions, combined with an innovative solution and with solid functionality criteria. In light of the urban planning constraints of this site and once it is situated on a depressed area, we had to solve an accentuated slope between the main entrance and the access to the house, creating two levels of access; one inferior and one intermediate. Trough slopes and ramps that establish different relations between the landscape, the house, and its interiors, we’ve tried to minimize the big impact of the gap between the main entrance and the lower part of the site.



The image of the building aims to respond to the defined functional needs. On one side, an outer envelope made of vitrified ceramic tiles, assembled on a stainless steel wired net, giving a response to the need to merge with the green surroundings. Within a range of greens, we’ve worked with four different tones to obtain de same shades that one observes on the surrounding landscape during the four seasons of the year, creating the required merging feeling. By this ceramic curtain, we were able to solve 4 plans that in architecture are normally solved in separate ways: the facade, the pergola, the curtain walls and the roof.






The outside platforms are stitched in a way that connects the different access areas located different heights, with a cobblestone ramp made with granite pieces interpolated with small grass areas. On the exterior side that is open to the landscape, a large wooden platform has a de function to lengthen the living/dining room area, extending it to the outside, creating a nice outer living space, under the shade of trees. This platform also gives access to the back part of the house, establishing an interesting circuit flow.



Due to its morphology and topography, the trapezium-shaped site exposes a heavy slope on the tip that is closer to the creek. In this area, further away from the street, a playing area is generated. The pronounced slope is solved with a wooden platform sequence that establishes a dialogue between the house and the garden, once the platforms are made with the same type of chestnut wood that one can find on the facade. The proportion and disposition of the wooden pieces are the same, both on the facade and on the exterior platforms.Therefore, the TR House Barcelona represents an innovative fully-functional exercise that achieves a clear dialogue with its surroundings at the time as it gives an answer to the changing needs of its users.



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Check out the mini-doc on the design and build process of this unbelievably beautiful house below.







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