Venice House (2013) by Sebastian Mariscal Studio



Venice House (2013) by Sebastian Mariscal Studio, located in Venice, CA. USA | The Hardt


Venice House (2013) by Sebastian Mariscal Studio, located in Venice, CA. USA. The design combines the concepts of “Interior/Exterior Living” that take into account human interaction and space & energy reduction. This is achieved through the integration of strategically placed outdoor rooms that create harmonious transitions from inside to out. Sebastian Mariscal’s “Venice House” project features an interesting concept in the balancing between the interior and exterior of the house; blurring the lines of indoor and outdoor living. Each section has been neatly integrated into the natural landscape, and no form of nature was compromised during the construction as the existing trees in the plot of land remained intact in the design process, furthering the theme of natural integration.




Each room in the house corresponds to the nearby outside space and has been built with natural daylight, shadows, and reflections in mind for unique lighting situations. Additionally, the size of each room and section has been scaled down for intimate usage, such that guests and residents can enjoy a reliable sense of privacy. Rounding out the amazing architectural design is a main living area hidden by a series of sliding doors which fold into a pocket, allowing a natural breeze to flow in the space of the home.


Photos by Yoshi Koitani and Michael Sylvester



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